Toxin Releasing Cucumber Basil Water

Water is an essential element that makes up approximately 60% of the human body. Every living cell needs it to keep functioning. Cucumbers have a wide variety of uses and are very well-known for their anti-inflammatory agents. They are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B5 (natural energy-boosters). Cucumbers are known to help in […]

Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies

Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which has been utilized over 2000 years as a form of holistic treatment. This form of medicine teaches the body to release energy also referred to as qi. Qi flows internally through our bodies, using path ways through out the entire body. The path ways are also known as meridians […]

What Vegetables Are The Most Nutritious When Cooked?

“Studies show the process of cooking actually breaks down tough outer layers and cellular structure of many vegetables, making it easier for your body to absorb their nutrients.” (1) An article published on May 5th 2016, called “The Healthiest Ways to Cook Veggies”, refers to studies about preparing certain vegetables by cooking them, may increase […]

Flax Seed Super Food Health Benefits

Proper consumption of Flax seed offers many health benefits as follows: Constipation – The use of flax seeds have been known to aid symptoms of constipation for centuries. The whole seeds contain around (6 – 12 %) mucilage. The mucilage adds a layer of protection to the inner lining of the stomach and coats the entire digestive […]

Leaky Gut Symptoms & How To Treat Them

What Is Leaky Gut? “All disease begins in the gut” (1) Over 80% of the U.S. population has some form of leaky gut or related symptoms. There is certain triggers that exasperate these symptoms such as, food sensitivities, constipation, anxiety, inflammation and weight issues. Leaky gut can throw off your immune system, hormones, and brain function. […]

DIY Vegan Glowing Skin

Do it yourself! Get your skin glowing and rebuild your natural collagen using raw fruits and vegetables. Our skin is our largest organ, which is often exposed to so many harsh environmental components, such as being outdoors with pollutants lurking around and being exposed to free radicals. The (ultraviolet rays) direct sunlight can be huge […]