DIY Hydrating and Anti-aging Raw Avocado Face Mask

DIY hydrating anti-aging raw avocado face mask is packed with antioxidants, leaving you with a youthful and healthy glowing appearance. I feel that it is important to have a good skin care regimen especially for those who are prone to acne or skin issues. I believe in the power of self-care by making an effort […]

Airborne Food Allergies To Shellfish

All through my twenties, I struggled with severe food allergens including unfavorable symptoms from eating certain foods, but shellfish was the most dangerous reaction I had overcome. One instance, a life threatening experience occurred while I was dining out. I ordered a meal with shellfish, about thirty minutes later, was when I noticed I had […]

(EMF’s) Raise Health Concerns & How To Protect Yourself 

 Surrounding our entire environment, neighboring cities, and near our homes we are exposed to powerfully active transmitters such as power lines and cell sites (cell phone towers) with large antennas. Electricity is essentially passing through your electronic devices, and cell towers are communicating with your electronic devices in order for it to receive cellular data or the […]

Aloe Vera Healing Plant

Aloe Vera History  Aloe vera is one of the oldest mentioned plants on record due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. Aloe vera is a cactus plant that belongs to the (Liliaceae family). Aloe vera species is referred to by many names. The most commonly use are Aloe Barbadensis Mill and Aloe Variegata. Aloe vera plants are native […]

Burnt Food May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Studies have suggested that cooking food until it’s charred or burnt can increase the acrylamide formation. A 2012 article called “Is eating burned food bad for you?”, suggests that cooked foods, cooked starchy foods, even organic cooked foods, are known to be harmful to humans health. Not only eating burnt food can cause health problems. A result of being exposed […]

Yin & Yang Rituals

Certain foods can either give your body heating or cooling effects. Based on Chinese medicine, eating a large consumption of either Yin or Yang is known to interfere with the bodies regulatory system. Finding the right balance of Yin or Yang can also be obtained through being in motion or sitting still. (Sitting still is […]

Environmental Allergens That May Contribute To Seasonal Allergies & Asthma

As the seasons change and spring is literally in the air, there are many factors contributing to the allergic disease such as pollen allergy. Pollen allergy is known to affect 50 million people in the U.S.  Nearly 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children in the U.S. are affected. Worldwide, allergic rhinitis affects […]

Flax Seed Super Food Health Benefits

Proper consumption of Flax seed offers many health benefits as follows: Constipation – The use of flax seeds have been known to aid symptoms of constipation for centuries. The whole seeds contain around (6 – 12 %) mucilage. The mucilage adds a layer of protection to the inner lining of the stomach and coats the entire digestive […]

Leaky Gut Symptoms & How To Treat Them

What Is Leaky Gut? “All disease begins in the gut” (1) Over 80% of the U.S. population has some form of leaky gut or related symptoms. There is certain triggers that exasperate these symptoms such as, food sensitivities, constipation, anxiety, inflammation and weight issues. Leaky gut can throw off your immune system, hormones, and brain function. […]

How To Effectively Treat Rashes Or Hives Using Holistic Remedies

Calamine Lotion This is a miracle worker and can be purchased in liquid form. This lotion has a combination of these healing earth-bound elements (bentonite clay, pink kaolin clay, zinc oxide, ferric oxide (iron), and phenol and calcium hydroxide. Kaolin clay’s come in a variety of shades that work well on different skin types. Pink […]

Herbal Tea’s For Glowing Skin

Herbal tea has great beauty benefits for healthier looking skin. The utmost popular tea’s that contain holistic and healing elements are as follows: Chamomile tea Promotes relaxation. Chamomile tea is packed full of quercetin, which aids in cell regeneration. DIY: Use chamomile tea bags under your eyes to calm puffiness or circles. Jasmine tea  This beautiful […]

Say No To Cotton & Polyester

Each day people are using non organic materials from our normal attire to the sheets we ensemble our bedding with. From the different styles of apparel to the threads used in our garments, rarely there is thought about how it was made, but were you aware that your material choices are harmful to your health? […]

Switch To Organic Deodorant

Toxic Chemicals Are Found In Consumer Goods Toxic chemicals are being used to preserve consumer goods, such as non-organic cosmetics and deodorants that you may be using on your skin every day, which could be putting your health at risk. Additives found in most consumer goods could be compromising your health to infectious disease. You […]

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Allergies

A nutrient essential for good health. Vitamin D’s major role is to stabilize healthy DNA structure, strengthening bones by assisting body to absorb calcium. Vitamin D has an essential role in the immune system functionality. Taken together, however, studies to date do not support a role for vitamin D, with or without calcium, in reducing the […]

Knowing Basics Of Living With Food Allergies

Food Allergy When a person eats food with a substance that causes an allergic reaction, the allergen is a type of antigen that generates an anomalous powerful response in which the immune system fights off a considerable threat that would otherwise be harmful to the body. Such reactions are called allergies. The Body’s Defense Mechanism Trace […]