Raw Butternut Squash Pesto Pasta

Treat yourself to this yummy delectable raw butternut squash pesto pasta dish, which is lip-smacking good and healthy too! Butternut squash is a winter vegetable known to have powerful antioxidants, cancer fighting properties, promotes healthy bones, fights against inflammation, premenstrual symptoms (PMS), and is likely to aid in weight loss. This is a great dish […]

Chocolate Carob Flavor, Walnut-Oat Flour, Chia Protein, Pancakes

These are delicious pancakes that serve more of a health benefit than just an eating them for a meal. These are packed full of omega-3’s, vitamin B, D, and E, minerals, and fiber. Chia seeds are a super food, with a significant amount of protein, which can boost your mood, energy levels, brain function, and […]

Energy Boosting Brussels Sprouts, Red Cabbage, & Carrots Saute’

On a time crunch and need a quick healthy meal? Or are you just needing a boost of energy after a workout? I have an easy recipe for you! This dish is infused with jalapeno pepper, liquid coconut aminos, topped with raw walnuts and halved avocado. Such a savory and spicy dish which is packed […]

Holistic Uses Of Basil

This is a medieval herb, that has well over 40 cultivars of this pungent plant. Basil has a wide variety of medicinal and healing uses. Not only is it popular in culinary to enhance flavors of your meal. It is packed full of Vitamin A, B6, and E. It is also known for its healing anti-inflammatory […]

Rustic Candied Walnut Stuffed Sweet Potato

This is a heart warming dish, that will keep you on your toes! Each bite is filled with delectable flavors and sweet aromas. This is one of my most favorite dishes of all time because I love sweets, but this is even better for you. Sweet potatoes have a large amount of vitamins and minerals. […]

Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies

Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which has been utilized over 2000 years as a form of holistic treatment. This form of medicine teaches the body to release energy also referred to as qi. Qi flows internally through our bodies, using path ways through out the entire body. The path ways are also known as meridians […]

Gentle Alternative Treatments To Treat Neurological Disorder’s

Neurological symptoms and disorders include but are not limited to the following: Sleep disorders Anxiety disorders Memory disorders Alzheimer’s disease Schizophrenia Depressive disorders Epilepsies Parkinsonism Drug dependence Stroke Pain disorders Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Natural Treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder (1)   Alternative Medicine and Therapies: CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) is an alternative route for […]

Nutrient Rich Food’s That Boost Brain Power

Brain Function Which foods or nutrients (carbs, vitamins, etc.) can be consumed for brain fuel? Most importantly, the human brain needs proper energy sources to fuel its overall functionality. Our bodies rely on energy in order to help our brain process information. The neurotransmitters are the core components of the brain’s function. Neurons are messengers […]

Yin & Yang Rituals

Certain foods can either give your body heating or cooling effects. Based on Chinese medicine, eating a large consumption of either Yin or Yang is known to interfere with the bodies regulatory system. Finding the right balance of Yin or Yang can also be obtained through being in motion or sitting still. (Sitting still is […]

Why Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids Are So Important?

The human body depends on healthy fat’s to aid our entire body and brain system function. The omega fatty acids can help promote healthy cell repair, brain development, emotional well being, nervous system functionality, as well as aiding against cognitive decline and dementia. Our bodies rely on certain foods to gain omega-3 and omega-6 because […]

Frankincense May Be One Of The Most Used Botanicals Around The World

Frankincense History  Frankincense is a tree  genus of the (Boswellia carterii, Boswellia serrata, and the other Boswellia species). Native to Oman, Yemen and the Horn of Africa, including Somalia and Ethiopia. The trees contain sap which is dried and used for incense and thought to have holistic properties. Fun fact, frankincense was traditionally used as incense and was […]

Leaky Gut Symptoms & How To Treat Them

What Is Leaky Gut? “All disease begins in the gut” (1) Over 80% of the U.S. population has some form of leaky gut or related symptoms. There is certain triggers that exasperate these symptoms such as, food sensitivities, constipation, anxiety, inflammation and weight issues. Leaky gut can throw off your immune system, hormones, and brain function. […]


Aromatherapy is significant in the way our bodies react due to smells and the association of memories. Some memories are triggered because the nerves in our nose store memories next to the part of the brain where memories are stored. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for their medicinal healing properties. The […]

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids from plants that contain volatile aroma compounds. They are most used in aromatherapy and consist in entirely of botanical manner. Essential oils may be also known as volatile oils or ethereal oils. Similar to herbs essential oils have many uses that include aromatherapy, pharmacology, food flavoring and perfumery. Botanical oils […]

Emotional Freedom Technique

You can activate healing energy from emotional freedom technique (EFT). This is a common use of therapy applied by psychologists today with psychological acupressure by simply tapping with your finger tips directly on the body’s energy meridian points. Meridian Points  Meridian points are located on the surface of the face, hands and through out the surface […]

Why Sleeping Is So Important For Your Health

Why is sleep so important, you might ask yourself? Sleep is very crucial to the entirety of our bodies, minds, and physical well-being. Sleep is the time where our bodies catch up on repairing internal organs such as our hearts and major arteries. When people lack sleep or do not get enough sleep, they could […]

Dark Chocolate Is One Of The World’s Healthiest Foods

Although there are so many different varieties of chocolate to pick from the healthiest choice is the darker chocolate. Dark chocolate is antioxidant rich and has much higher concentration of natural flavonoids than any other chocolate. Dark chocolate has (65% more cocoa content) than milk chocolate or white chocolate, which is why its a healthier […]

Pro Sex Drive Killers

William Cole is a functional medicine practitioner, whom I have been researching. I found really great information Dr. Cole has offered on pro sex drive killers. I understand that everyone’s love life is effected differently from one another. Many of Dr. Cole’s patients have gone to him for answers on how to increase their natural […]

Improving Physical and Mental Well-being With Exercise

Benefits of Physical Activity Being physically active will help with reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. By incorporating some form of physical activity in your day-to-day routine will help reduce your risk of some cancers, strengthen your bones, muscles and it can improve your mental […]