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Holistic Wellness Services

Long term planning with clients is an essential tool to expedite the healing benefits and well-being of individuals.

Bio-Individualized Coaching Expectations:

  • Evaluation of clients lifestyle and or areas of concern
  • Creating a holistic wellness plan, with alternative therapy to overcome the situation
  • How to execute the best plan for adaptivity
  • Goal setting and life coaching, prioritizing specific needs
  • Progress evaluation, self-evaluation, action plan for implementation.


The Process

Each session lasts a half hour to an hour via Skype, Zoom, or in person. Payments accepted through PayPal or accepting contributions of cash. Each meeting allow’s further discovery with a goal to overcome barriers in your life path. I assist with providing steps to find a long term solution to solve any concerns. I achieve this by generating a complete holistic wellness road map to help expedite healing to take place, while offering guidance along the way.

Core Focuses:

  • Holistic Coaching
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Lifestyle and Hygiene Coaching

Lets Work Together!

Hours of Operation

Mondays – Fridays – Now taking appointments between the hours (PST) of 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Weekends – Only by Appointment