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Infused Sparkling Kombucha

What a delightful way to include healing properties and heal our gut; drinking infused Kombucha with Hood Strawberries. This was a simple creation that I came up with over the summer (hence why I used “Hood” strawberry’s in this recipe), better late than never. Right? I was not too keen on carbonated beverages but started to consume Kombucha regularly as I know it offers our body a natural way to consume probiotics. Raw living cultures (probiotics) repair the body’s natural microbiome and improves our overall health and immunity. I decided to include strawberries because they contain a fibrous layer of skin that is known to help with absorbing sugar and regulating our blood sugar. According to Desk, “[s]trawberry helps regulate digestion and control and regulate type-2 diabetes since fiber helps blood to absorb sugar.” Now that we have this knowledge, let’s create this wonderful infused sparkling beverage and get our gut health back on track! It is never too late to start eating healthy.

Healthy Tip: Include fresh berries or fruit of your choice! Shop at the local farmers’ market, support co-ops, and shop local.

Kombucha (Lion Heart brand but you can use any)
1/4 cup fresh strawberries (thinly sliced & stems removed)

Wash strawberries, pat dry, slice, and remove stems.
Open Kombucha, pour contents into a chilled glass.
Add fresh strawberries to the sparkling beverage.


Desk, NDTV Food. “Eat Strawberries To Keep Your Gut Healthy; 5 Benefits of Strawberries You Should Know.”, NDTV, 21 Aug. 2018,

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