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Provided by Jaclyn Creations

1. Measure 1/4 cup of whole flax seeds. Measure 3 cups of purified water. Mix together in a 16oz mason jar. (can fill up to the top if you would like)

2. Let sit for up to two hours. I tell my clients to prepare before they go to bed, and let soak overnight.

3. The water will be foggy from the nutrients released from the flax seeds. Give it a good shake, drink the water with the flax seeds in it. Can put fresh squeezed lemon juice to alkalize your body and for flavor. (This is a beneficial for expediting digestive enzymes, removal of waste/toxins. and cleaning out the intestinal tract).

Flax Water Recipe Health Benefits: Adding this to your morning routine has many perks. I would love to tell you why. Consuming this will help heal your inner lining of your gut and get it back on track!

Warning: possible interactions with blood pressure drugs, blood thinners, diabetes medication, and herbal supplements that lower blood pressure. Consuming flax seeds together with medication might lower blood sugar too much.  

Where to buy: Recommended stores are Whole Foods, New Seasons, Trader Joes, local Co-ops, Natural Grocers and Freddy’s.

What aisle: You can find whole flax seeds in the nutrition/vitamin section of the store, bulk section at most grocery stores, or the baking aisle.

Favorite brands: Bob Red Mill premium whole ground Flaxseed, Spectrum Essentials, or Organic Ground Premium Flaxseed

Healthy Living,

Jaclyn Rae

Download PDF of recipe below!



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