Berry Delicious Super Food Bowl

This recipe encompasses antioxidant rich blueberries and raspberries. Blueberries are packed with vitamin C and potassium. They have powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. Eating dark pigmented berries, like blueberries, are known to contain more phytonutrients, which aids the process of neutralizing free radical damage in our cells and protect the human brain from signs of aging, such […]

Healing Immune Boosting Juice

Great sources of cancer fighting flavonoid antioxidants. Helps aid digestion. Relieves bloating or gas. Packed full of anti aging properties. Ingredients are great for boosting entire immunity, regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and aids in symptoms associated with leaky gut. Ingredients: 2 – 3 celery stalks 1 lemon (juice) 1 apple (sliced and de-cored) 1 […]


This berrylicious living smoothie is packed with fruity and tart flavors. Not only does this living smoothie taste great, it yields many healthy benefits to the entire body. It contains high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, and cancerous fighting compounds. This living smoothie is packed full of vitamin C, fiber, and flavanoids (hence, darkened color pigmentation). Try this smoothie […]

The Complete Boost Of Molecular Levels With Juicing

Every green plant contains chlorophyll. Juicing can sustain life. Juicing is very easily digested and most importantly, juicing done right you are able to consume mass nutrients on a molecular level. Chlorophyll is similar to our human hemoglobin (its like one molecule away). Green juices are pure liquid alkaline nutrition that is absorbed almost instantly. (1) […]

Gluten-Free Oat Mixed Berry Living Smoothie

This is a wonderful recipe to have for breakfast, as a pick me up, or a healthy snack. This is my version of a delicious, sweet, gluten-free oat, mixed berry living smoothie. Its loaded with proteins, minerals, and essential vitamins. Nothing beats the feeling of having a full stomach, without having to snack throughout the […]

Tropical Fruit Anti-Inflammatory Living Smoothie

The fruit and seasoned spices are packed with aromatic flavors. This tropical fruit anti-inflammatory smoothie has a variety of healthy benefits, as this version offers an alternative for treating digestion, throat infections, liver issues, swelling and inflammation. These benefits are yielded after ingesting the living smoothie that contains the healing spice called turmeric. Healthy Tip: Can […]

Living Carrot Juice Smoothie

This is a delicious vibrant flavored juice that will kick-start your digestion and maximize your energy. Can add natural vegan sweeteners, frozen or fresh fruit by choice to enhance the flavors. Healthy Tip: Apples, celery and fennel also go well with carrot juice. If you’re a beginner, start to add only one or two leafs […]

Hemp & Berry Smoothie

Treat your taste buds to this nutritious hemp & berry smoothie, which is packed with a yummy infusion of naturally sweet flavors. Include a non dairy milk or can use a young living coconuts (water) to gain the utmost nutritious value. Healthy Tip: The hemp seeds provide good fats as they are a super food protein. […]

Green Living Smoothie (Vegan)

Getting enough raw greens into your diet are so important for your entire body. Eating lots of greens such as dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, chard and collard greens are very beneficial for cleansing your blood. By eating more greens it helps boost your digestion as well as in boosting your vitality. Eating more […]