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Coffee Grounds Hand Scrub

Coffee Grounds Hand Scrub

Coffee grounds are generally crushed up raw coffee beans used for brewing coffee. The grounds were used in the late 19th century to render fresh coffee. Coffee grounds can be reused to neutralize strong-smelling scents and reset your senses. Coffee grounds are an organic alternative in deodorizing smells that can linger on your hands if your cooking with something that has a powerful scent such as onions. You can rid the smell of almost anything that has a pungent smell just by reusing coffee grounds from your already brewed coffee. You can use fresh coffee grounds based on personal preference.


  1. Take a heaping handful of the coffee grounds and start to rub between your hands and fingers.
  2. Massage over your skin until you have covered your hands in coffee grounds and notice the grounds slightly darkening your skin.
  3. Wash off with cool water. Clean your senses and your hands at the same time.

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Jaclyn Rae


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