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Farming GM Seeds From Monsanto Are Hurting World And Its Farmers

Farming GM Seeds From Monsanto Are Hurting World And Its Farmers

There isn’t anything particularly wrong with certain GMO’s, because that’s how you get strawberries in winter and fist size apples. About 80% of foods grown in America are genetically modified but the problem is that there isn’t any restrictions on the huge corporations running this process which leads to very inadequate tests or studies done on GM foods to indicate if they are harmful to humans, animals or other vegetation.

History Of Ethical Issue:

Farmers in America are forced into using patented GM seeds owned by Monsanto. That is because Monsanto lobbies many US and Foreign politicians to change laws in their favor, such the “The Monsanto Protection Act” signed by Pres. Obama in March 2013. (Which basically allows Monsanto to use The US gov. as a ATM)

FACT: Over 250,000 people petitioned to veto the bill.  

The “Monsanto Protection Act” effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of controversial genetically modified (aka GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds, no matter what health issues may arise concerning GMOs in the future.

Hidden within food labels, genetically modified (GM) foods carry a risk of triggering life-threatening allergic reactions, and evidence collected over the past decade now suggests that they are contributing to higher allergy rates. Scientists have long known that GM crops may cause allergies.

Ethical Dilemma:

Monsanto is known for aggressively pushing seeds, especially GMO seeds, in both the global North and South, including through highly restrictive technology agreements with farmers who are not always made fully aware of what they are signing has Monsanto’s GM corn, grain, cotton, beans, soybeans and numerous veggies and fruits. Which require very harmful deadly pesticide to grow which places workers in deadly working conditions. Monsanto’s seeds require the pesticide more than water and sunshine to grow.

Farming GM Seeds From Monsanto Are Hurting World And Its Farmers

*Required Harmful Pesticide: Glyphosate.

Glyphosate is a synthetic compound that is a non selective systemic herbicide, particularly effective against deciduous plant life. How pollination happens between farmers crops and patented crops and being forced to use Monsanto’s practices.

In order to solve the hunger problem in Africa, the Obama administration has partnered with large industrial farming and GMO operations, under the umbrella that these organizations can produce large amounts of food quickly.

(List of countries Who has banned Monsanto’s practice’s)

  • Australia, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Luxembourg, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland,  Madeira, Switzerland, India, and Thailand.

(List of countries that are alternately embracing and rejecting GM crops)

  • China, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, The Zambian Government, Canada, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania and Poland, The Philippines, The European Union, South Africa, Britain, Thailand, India.

 Glyphosate is sprayed indiscriminately over vast areas and will inevitably kill non-target vegetation some of which may be endangered.

The ingredient, glyphosate, is a “probable human carcinogen,” according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The agency is the cancer wing of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Toxicity Spreading To All Ecosystems:   

The toxicity of glyphosate to mammals and birds is generally relatively low. However, its broad spectrum of herbicide activity has led to the destruction of habitats and food sources for some birds and amphibians leading to population reductions.

Surfactants are used in herbicide formulations as wetting agents, to maximize coverage and aid penetration of the herbicide(s) through plant leaves. As a toxic agricultural spray, it may be premixed in commercial formulations, such as Roundup, or they may be purchased separately and mixed on-site (tank mix).

How Can This All Be Avoided?

“Monsanto spends more than $2 million a day in research to identify, test, develop and bring to market innovative new seeds and technologies that benefit farmers,” Monsanto spokesman Darren Wallis wrote in an email to Vanity Fair

The amount of money put into the GMO productivity is such an astronomical amount of money for non-eco friendly cultivation. Our government could be doing something more ecologically safe, such as keeping seeds natural, growing quality food not just large quantities, or engineer seeds that require less pesticides, so money is not the final determining factor behind this vicious cycle that follows GMO operations.

Is the topic illegal?

Countries are banning Monsanto patented pesticides on crops but is not illegally being sold and regulated  through the FDA.

Is it a poor business decision? 

Companies like Monsanto’s try to make a cash cow then produce the largest output (revenue) with the smallest amount of cost (input). That’s the simple issue in itself alone because, it’s unethical to care only about the profit. This purposely places american farmers broke and in debt being a client forever. Taking advantage of farmers and both slowly ruin a nation’s health and crops.

Is it a good business decision?   

Monsanto’s rather spend money to bend and corrupt the rules which they operate by, so they don’t have to worry about issues caused by they’re doing. The US gov actually recommends other nations in signing contracts with Monsanto’s to help fix their FOOD CRISIS. Companies like Monsanto takes money out of developing 3rd world countries economies by making farmers pay hefty fines and having countries ban old practices. Buying seeds every year the farmers money should go back into the business of their clients not to outside comedies which causes them to take out loans and placing them in.


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