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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

You can activate healing energy from emotional freedom technique (EFT). This is a common use of therapy applied by psychologists today with psychological acupressure by simply tapping with your finger tips directly on the body’s energy meridian points.

Meridian Points 

Emotional Freedom TechniqueMeridian points are located on the surface of the face, hands and through out the surface of the body. A way to stimulate this release of energy is tapping these meridian points to increase energy flow through Qi (chee). These meridians have equivalent pairs and each meridian is a direct way to access the energy points.

How EFT Heals The Body?

Emotional Freedom TechniqueThe known benefits from (EFT) are suggested to improve the electromagnetic flow in the meridian highways to our bodies natural Qi (chee) and stimulates our mental, physical, and emotional well being.

How Do You Access Healing Energy? 

  • Top of head (TH) with fingers tapping back all the way to the center of the skull.
  • Eyebrows (EB) Just in between the brows and where the nose starts.
  • Side of Eye (SE) tap with two fingers lightly near the temple.
  • Under Eye (UE) tap with two fingers lightly under the fleshy spot right on top of cheek bones.
  • Under Nose (UN) with hand in the center of nose and mouth tap with a few fingers to access properly.
  • Chin (Ch) tap with two or three fingers in the middle of the chin.
  • Collar Bone (CB) tap at the bottom of collar bone.
  • Under Arm (UA) tap along the rib cage under arms.


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