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Contrast Therapy

Contrast Therapy

Have you ever tried Contrast therapy? This is commonly facilitated by the use of fluctuating cold to hot shower. Using this method of healing, where your body is immersed in hot water followed by the immediate immersion of your body in cold water. This allows the body to recalculate natural body temperatures and expedites blood flow to move rapidly through blood vessels.

What Is Contrast Therapy Used For?

This form of therapy aids in relieving pain or discomfort and supports your entire physical health. The hot water enlarges blood vessels, where there is an increased amount of blood flow, and the cold application constricts the blood vessels, forcing the blood to move on to other parts of the body.

Why Is Contrast Therapy So Effective?

Hot water is used to help relax the muscles and cold water is used for stimulating blood flow in the skin and underlying muscle tissues. This alternative approach using water provides healing properties that eliminate symptoms associated with arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, soreness and above all helps promote healthy circulation.

How Do You Alternate Hot And Cold?

  1. First you immerse your body in a hot shower or bath, and let the heat penetrate your body for about 4 minutes.
  2. Next you turn the water to cold, and allow your body or area of concern to be immersed for about one minute.
  3. Continue alternating the hot and cold water for about 1o-15 minutes.
  4. Repeat treatment twice a day if needed.

DIY Lavender Bath: Add 8 drops of lavender essential oil. Excellent for reducing tension, muscle aches, pains, relaxation and reducing stress. Can include adding a cup of Epsom salt, which helps stimulate blood circulation.

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