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Know Thyself

“Know Thyself”

Humans have their own unique journey in the world. The most difficult lesson of all, is learning how to reside in a force field of natural energies and coexisting with the spiritual domain. As we move through our day-to-day lives we use our human vehicles to study  all the natural vibrations of the universe. Our existence is our essence to understanding our relationship with the most powerful energy of all love.

We Are All One And One Is Love

Energy and power are related to the symbiosis in all the manifestations in the universe. We are all one and one is love. If you learn the mastery of love and focus on good intentions your actions will be guided by this principle. It is a powerful lesson to learn. Disciplines are related to spirituality and connecting to the almighty creator. What ever empowers you and leaves you with passionate energy for living that is the divine connection. Having a strong support system, positive intentions, and being open minded can  break the chains of addiction that 95% of civilized people appear to be exposed to.

Spiritual Awakening

It may be difficult to change focus without some kind of plan and inspiring support system. Some people join 12-step programs while others can reach the spiritual mountain top by self advocating. Relying on a structured civilization where chaos exists, fear, and exposure to stressful situations can force people to capitulate to the source.


Tapping into the spiritual realm is done by merging into silence and the stillness of nature. The cosmic stream of consciousness can be tapped into by stillness and breath.“Know Thyself.” Back in Ancient teachings as well as modern time, “Love yourself and love others as yourself… but above all love yourself.” What is learning how to love yourself? It means living holistically, and addressing our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The human temple is made up of 5 bodies: physical, etheric (aura or human energy field), emotional, mental and spiritual. Each one is nurtured by a force within and all are effected by the awareness and attention given to one’s overall nutrition and environment. The most primitive of religions evolved out of nature.

Cosmic Energy Fields

We are children of Mother Earth and Father Sky and our task as co-creators, was to take care of the inner garden, eco-sphere and biosphere, making it all long lived so that life continued on. Awareness is the first step. Learning how to meditate and relax you can reach your cosmic energy fields and can gain awareness. Spirituality comes to anyone. This can be reached by meditation, relaxation, breathing slowly and listening to your body and mind. Being able to rest at deep states of relaxation can help those emerging into what is considered a meditative state. Practicing these motions as we surrender and trust the divine, we can start manifesting, creating sacred health, happiness and love. By loving self and others unconditionally, only pure can come from evolving in ways that are good and moving mankind into the next stage of consciousness. Nurture the body, mind and spirit. Think only positive thoughts. Be the change you want to see in the world. We are one and one is love.

Healthy Living,

Jaclyn Rae

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