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DIY Matcha Beauty Skincare Routine

Do not fight your urge to reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, or grey coloring of your skin. Our skin is the largest external organ of our body. That being said, it is very important to take care of it by adopting a healthy skincare routine, and starting as early as possible. The recipe I will share is one you can perform once or twice a week and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

I like to think the magic solution to achieving vibrant, firmer skin, is by consuming nutrient-rich sources of plants containing antioxidants, such as dark leafy greens. The darker pigmentation the leafy greens are, they are known to contain larger amounts of phytochemicals, which are helpful in fighting against aging. Not only can you consume Matcha powder (premium green tea), but it is useful if we use it in our daily skincare routine as well. According to a study by Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, “phytochemicals have been reported to act as anti-aging agents, such as the amino acid L-theanine isolated from green tea” (Corrêa et. al.) as the compounds from the plant are great for healing our skin, and protecting against oxidative stress while increasing the cellular turnover.

1. First, mix together a tablespoon of Matcha powder, with equal amounts of water and vitamin E oil or coconut oil for added moisture.
2. Next, apply a paste over your entire face. Be careful not to get it into your eyes.  
3. Allow drying till it cracks over the surface of your skin.
4. After the paste has dried, wet a soft washcloth with lukewarm water, and gently rinse off.
5. Pat your face and neck dry with a soft towel, be careful not to wipe or pull on the skin.
6. After you finish cleansing the Matcha face mask off your face, splash your face with cold water when done.
7. Repeat steps 1-6, either once or twice a week for best results.

Here are a few powerful ways you can benefit from using Matcha tea (powder) on your skin:
1. Moisturize/hydrate skin
2. Shrink pores
3. Treat Acne/reduce dark spots
4. Soothes sunburn or skin irritants
5. Protects against harmful UV damage

Rúbia C. G. Corrêa, et. al., June 28 2017. “New Phytochemicals as Potential Human Anti-Aging Compounds: Reality, Promise, and Challenges.” Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, June 2017,

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