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Raw Bella Mushroom Energy Salad


Try my delicious Raw Bella Mushroom Energy Salad with your favorite super food toppings! I love the earthy flavors, using raw mushrooms paired with fresh crunchy cucumbers and refreshingly delicious seasonings! This is a great dish for those who want an extra boost of vitamins and energy. This recipe encompasses nutrient dense macro and micro compounds and antioxidants. Bella Mushrooms contain high levels of B vitamins, which promote healthy new red blood cell production, while converting important nutrients to energy. This is an alkalizing dish with amazing benefits, but not limited to: neutralizing the body’s pH, reducing high blood pressure, reducing high cholesterol, improving blood sugar (safe to eat if you have diabetes), stabilizes and helps those who want to manage their weight, protecting against cancer, and expedites more oxygen flow in our cells and tissues.

Healthy Tip: Did you know that Bella Mushrooms contain many antioxidants? Important minerals such as, copper, potassium, and selenium are nutrients found inside of mushrooms. FYI, selenium is a mineral that is widely used to support bone health, early stages of treating osteoporosis, playing a huge role in keeping our internal organs healthy.

8 oz Bella Mushrooms (thinly sliced)
1/4 Cup Purified Water (boiled)
3 scallions (finely chopped, topping)
A Handful of Raw Pepitas (topping)
1 English Cucumber (thinly sliced, garnish)
2 Tablespoon’s of Bragg Coconut Amino’s (drizzle)

Raw Bella Mushroom Energy Salad
1. First, wash produce and pat dry.
2. Prepare and slice produce into smaller sections.
3. Use a small serving dish, add the mushrooms and pour hot water over the top to help dissolve the indigestible fiber (chitin).
4. Next, add Bragg Coconut Aminos over the top of the mushrooms. (Can use fresh squeezed lemon as well for more alkalizing effects).
5. Add your fresh Scallions and Pepitas over the top.
6. Garnish with fresh English Cucumber slices surrounding the dish!
7. Enjoy!

Healthy Living,

Jaclyn Rae

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