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Flax Seed Super Food Health Benefits

Why Eat Super Foods?

Plant Based Super Food Is The Way To Go

There are many sources of protein. Although being a vegan which is mostly plant based, you may need to increase the protein intake you are getting. Each day add super foods into your diet to increase your daily sources of protein your body needs to function. Protein is the building block to our tissues and cells.

List of some of the greatest super foods:

Acai Berries
Agave Nectar
Barley Grass
Bee Pollen
Blue Green Algae
Cacao Beans
Coconut Oil
Dulse Psyllium
Flax Seed
Goji Berries
Green Tea
Hemp Protein
Hemp Seeds
Maca Powder
Royal Jelly
Spirulina Water
Wheat Grass
Wild Honey

The human body needs more essential amino acids from food consumption to generate the vital proteins, the body is inclined to many shortcomings. Possible issues from lacking amino acids includes: poor immunity, a loss in hormone production and breakdown of muscle tissues.

 Super Foods Are Essential For Your Diet:

  1. Adds the essential nutrients to your body that is required.
  2. Super foods are healthier than refined packaged food. Buy local or organic!
  3. Eating super foods help make your body more alkaline pH.
  4. Aids in weight loss in being nutrient dense.
  5. Eating super foods help reduce hunger and binge eating.
  6. Super foods contain a great amount of fiber.
  7. Super foods combine phytonutrients –  essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and adaptogens vital for health.
  8. Super foods boost your immunity.

These items can be found in the produce or bulk section. Most of the items are great for adding to any dish or even mixing in with any kind of smoothie.

Healthy Tip: Local markets and co-ops are where they supply the best super foods.

Healthy Living,

Jaclyn Rae

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