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Pro Sex Drive Killers

Pro Sex Drive Killers


William Cole is a functional medicine practitioner, whom I have been researching. I found really great information Dr. Cole has offered on pro sex drive killers. I understand that everyone’s love life is effected differently from one another. Many of Dr. Cole’s patients have gone to him for answers on how to increase their natural libido. His studies are related to many of his patients over the years stating similar issues. I found it interesting how Dr. Cole’s research delves in to what might be the root cause of most of his patients concerns. Dr. Cole’s witnessed in many of his patients natural inhibitors, that people who might be lacking certain nutritional substances or minerals could be a huge indicator to these issues. Here are 12 of Dr. Cole’s recommendations on what people can do to improve their intimate relationships as well as their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Enjoy the read!

Healthy Tip: Eating healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, ghee, and olive oil help hormone and brain function.

1. Low iron 

Iron is very important for carrying oxygen to your cells. Dr. Cole suggests, to have your iron levels ferritin levels tested.

Health Tip: If your low in iron its best to seek a professionals advice and see what the root of the cause is. A great way to increase iron is eating a diet that is abundant in leafy greens such as coniferous vegetables.

2. Adrenal fatigue

When your cortisol levels are unbalanced either being too low or high, your brain lacks the ability to send clear messages adrenals leaving your feeling tired or weak.

Health Tip: The best way to gain more energy naturally is including healthy diet and drinking lots of water to replenish your bodies electrolites. Another healthy way to boost your energy would be involving your self in some kind of meditation or yoga. Other tips also include trying adaptogenic herbs as part of a comprehensive approach.

3. Sluggish thyroid

The thyroid influences the metabolic processes in your body and produces hormones, which if your thyroid is sluggish that can effect your bodies ability to be active sexually.

Healthy Tip: Have your thyroid tested by having blood work looked at by a professional.

4. Gut problems

Having a healthy gut can help your body regulate other functionality like brain hormone connection. If you have issues with digestion it is often because our gastrointestinal tract is missing important nutrients which will reduce someones sex drive.

Health Tip: You can eat a very specific diet that consumes of green leafy vegetables or eat gut cleansing natural medicines like broth and celery juice to improve gut health.

5. Sex hormone imbalance

Unbalanced hormones such as having too high or too low of estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone levels can reduce your sex appeal.

Healthy Tip: Have a sex hormone panel done with comprehensive testing using blood and saliva. Dr. Cole suggests using these herbs: Shilajit and mucuna pruriens which are Sex Hormone Boosting Elixir.

6. Insulin resistance

There is evidence that high insulin levels can affect fertility in women. There is also insulin disorders such as metabolic syndrome and PCOS which can lead to growth of facial hair in women, loss of hair or acne.

Health Tip: Get a professional to take your insulin levels to see if levels are disrupted. Taking chromium, NAC, can help with stabilizing insulin levels.

7. Medications

A commonality in using pharmaceuticals such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, painkillers, and antihistamines can inhibit sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction.

Health Tip: Seek medical advice before changing your regular medications. Work on getting healthy in order for your doctor to be able to eliminate medications.

8. Stress

You can eat uber healthy, throwing back kale smoothies and kombucha all day long, but if you are filling your mind up with stress, it can still zap your sex drive.

Health Tip: Practice relaxing meditations, or something that is a great stress relief such as yoga or tai chi.

9. Leptin resistance

When your hypothalamic brain cells aren’t communicating with leptin, there is a miscommunication and hormones can be released from fat cells. Leptin resistance can decrease the levels of testosterone, which decreases libido in both men and women.

Health Tip: One way to reduce your leptin intake is eliminating starches, refined sugars, grains, and fructose.

10. Low growth hormone

High insulin reduces production of hormones, and lowers sex drive by altering testosterone levels. In functional medicine these are related to upstream and downstream problems.

Health Tip: Taking Ginkgo biloba are two natural herbs used to support healthy GH levels.

11. Nutrient deficiencies

Having low levels of zinc and vitamin D can reduce your sex appeal.

Health Tip: Get your levels tested by a professional and start to increase your vitamin intake if needed.

12. Insufficient healthy fats

Healthy fats are needed to make healthy hormones and brain function. Brain food is very important to balance hormone production. A study shows people who ate a low-fat diet had significantly lower testosterone levels.


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