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Holistic Skin Care Remedies For Acne Prone Skin

Our skin is our largest organ so it is so important to have a healthy skin care regimen that works for you. If you have stubborn skin or problem skin that is hard to treat, keep in mind that the skin is very susceptible to everything around. The different causes of acne for each individual might be impacted by the type of diet you obtain to the different levels of stress you may be experiencing in life. Blemishes such as pimples and blackheads could be from oxidative stress, poor nutrition and even hormonal imbalances. There are other components that lead to blemishes such as poor hygiene, lack of sleep, and the different cycles of life.

There are indications like genetics, hormonal changes and certain stresses which all contribute to acne forming skin. There’s several types of modern medicines and prescriptions that can help reduce the outbreaks. The truth is by resorting to these modern methods or treatments might actually harm you and cause you to break out worse after you no longer have those medications or applications. Here are some holistic tips for forming healthy skin care regimens for acne prone skin.

Skin types:


Different Types Of Home Remedies:


Cleansing is very important for opening pores, reducing growth of bacteria and forming proper hygiene.

Coconut Oil & Honey

Use a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey mix with your regular face wash. Mix together and lather in circular motions to cleanse face. Wash with warm water. Pat dry.


Exfoliating is very important for helping rid old skin cells and regenerating cell turnover.

Orange Peel (Dried)

Can grate orange peel and allow to dry by placing onto paper towel. Once dry ground up in a blender and use as natural exfoliate. Can apply using fingers and gently massage surface of skin with equal parts water. Rinse with cool water. Pat dry.

Gluten Free Oats

Can apply oats with equal parts water and use as a natural exfoliate. Apply using fingers with equal parts water forming a paste like consistency. Massage gently in small circular motions. Rinse with cool water. Pat dry.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar in its raw form neutralizes the skins pH levels. Using a 1:3 ratio of apple cider vinegar and warm water. This can be done using a cotton ball and softly apply to skin. Rinse with cool water. Pat dry.

Caution: Make sure you dilute the apple cider vinegar due to its strong properties because it can dry out the skin.


Can apply the meat of an avocado, organic coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to a cotton ball and apply to skin for the most nourishing soothing natural hydration.


Baking Soda 

Can use baking soda with warm water and form a paste. Apply on to skin or area of concern allow to dry. Wash with cool water. Pat dry

Caution: Use baking soda once a week because using too often will dry out your skins natural oils.


Can use raw honey, lemon juice or lavender oil and apply with a cotton ball. These are all naturally effective when applied to the focus area. Honey contains its own natural antibacterial agents. Lemons naturally have a neutralizing pH balancing effect. Lavender oil is naturally an antimicrobial and has healing agents.

Caution: Test a small area of your skin. This can be done with using a cotton ball and applying the juices, raw ingredients or oils by dabbing on to a place like on your neck line to see if the application causes an unpleasant sensation before adding to face or sensitive area of skin.


Washing regularly when you wake first thing in the morning and before bed are great practices to follow. The skin is the largest organ so to enforcing proper hygiene is important.


By adding multiple sources of raw vegetables and making a point to eating a balanced diet will help your skin radiate naturally. Consuming a plant based diet can help rid the body of toxic materials and reduce the growth of bad gut bacteria by eating more of an alkaline based diet. Eating leafy vegetables is the best for cleaning out the body from the inside out and its a great way for adding natural roughage. Focusing on what you put in your body really reflects onto the skin. Make sure to drink lots of water and keep hydrated that is a key factor to healthy skin!


A great sweat session always gets the blood flowing in your body. Exercise is a healthy practice for naturally stimulating the body and bodies core to ridding toxins and help in reducing stress. Incorporating a routine that works for you can be a game changer when fitting a good sweat session into your busy day. The benefits of working out are not only good for ridding toxins or stress it can raise you up emotionally, physically and mentally.

There are many factors that contribute to skin problems such as being prone to acne or skin blemishes. Using holistic remedies can help by forming healthy skin care regimens for acne prone skin. Keeping aware of the types of stress you may be facing. Form proper hygiene routines to follow that will help reduce skin issues you may be experiencing.

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