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Generate Your Own Purified Air With Mother Natures Pothos Plant

The money plants botanical name is, Epipremnum aureum. This plant is a species of flowering plant in the family of Araceae, native in Mo’orea, French Polynesiawhich. This is an evergreen vine, which is known to be a very popular house plant. Also known by other names such as, golden pothos, hunters robe, ivy arum, silver vine, Solomon Islands ive, or taro vine. This plant is nearly difficult to kill. This is a plant is commonly seen as a climbing plant that offers several health benefits.

Air quality is important, simply by utilizing mother natures natural materials to improve indoor environmental quality is a charming concept to put to use since living plants naturally filter the air. the money plant is not only helpful for improving the quality of air it also since it rids the air of harmful toxic pollutants like benzene, trichloroethylene, xylenecarbon, monoxide, and formaldehyde.


– Lighting is very important, as long as they are not placed in direct sunlight. They thrive in cool or moderate climates.

– The use of water should be every 4-7 days, allow the soil to be dry or wait for plant leaves to droop before future watering. Allow good drainage and keep from heavy saturation as the roots could rot.

– Use purified water or fresh water from rainfall to water.

– Salt and minerals found in tap water can interfere with plants growth.

How To Prune:

– Keep trimmed and offer space for new growth by cutting a leaf that is 2″ away from the top of the soil.

– Plants are known to grow at least 2 feet in length or more.


– Easily grow new starts of money plants simply by cutting root cuttings of original mother plant and place cuttings into glass of water or dampened soil till it grows its own roots.

Where To Grow:

– The plant will thrive by planting near something to crawl up like a horizontal garden, wall planters, hanging baskets or along surfaces.

WARNING! Pothos does contain calcium oxalates making it a toxin if ingested. Best to keep it out of the immediate grasp of both house pets and small humans. (1)


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