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Raw Carob Chocolate Vegan Brownie Boost Bar

Raw Carob Chocolate Vegan Brownie Boost Bar

This yummy raw carob chocolate vegan brownie boost bar has rich complex flavors! So simple, it literally can be done in 5 minutes! Another one of my favorites, which is sweet enough to curb any sweet tooth!

Healthy Tip: Essential oils are potent, so start with small amounts of oil and add more flavoring according to your own taste.

Optional Ingredients:

Toppings: Cinnamon (ground), chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, espresso (grounds), berries, lemon zest, or orange zest.


1/2 cup organic almond butter (or favorite peanut butter)
2 tablespoons maple syrup (vegan sweetener)
1 teaspoon gluten free vanilla extract
1 lemon (juices)
2 tablespoons vegan protein powder (optional)
3 tablespoons toasted carob powder
2 tablespoons maca powder (optional)
2 tablespoons organic raw coconut flakes
A pinch of Himalayan or kosher salt


  1. In a small mixing bowl mix together the ingredients starting with almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla, lemon juice, protein powder, maca powder, and carob powder, coconut flakes and salt. Mix well till everything is properly combined and press the mixture together against the sides of the mixing bowl to pack together.
  2. Use wax parchment paper, transfer the mixture and start to mold into rectangular shape brownie bars. Can use additional raw coconut flakes for a topping.
  3. Enjoy!
  4. Store in air tight container in the fridge.

Healthy Living,

Jaclyn Rae


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