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Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Herbal Aphrodisiacs

The utmost herbal organic plant matter blends used for the mind, body and spirit. Natural remedies used in treating mental, physical and emotional needs.


Cinnamon bark increases emotional well-being and evokes creativity. This is often used for treatment of depression, emotional stress, physical tension and recovery after physical exhaustion. This herb is known to treat symptoms related to sexual impotence and frigidity.


Damiana blend is a bitter tonic that acts as a natural stimulant that helps boost mental clarity and endurance.

Caution: Damiana herb was used in holistic medicine to induce abortion, best to be avoided in pregnancy.


Ginger is a healing herb with balancing effects used to treat male impotence. This is a naturally warming herb that raises body temperature. Ginger’s tonic action increases immune functionality, grounds, and strengthens your physical body and helps boost your sexual stamina.


Jasmine blend has a rich floral sweetness. Jasmine’s natural properties helps balance emotions and raises awareness. Commonly herbs like Jasmine contains sedative actions. This herbal blend is known to increases euphoria, love, psychic dreams, and enchantment.

Caution: If you are currently taking a prescription drug, please don’t supplement with herbs.

Muira-puma Bark 

This is a woodsy blend related to aphrodisiacs, actively supporting nerve stimulation that may increase the receptiveness to sexual boost.

Rose Herb 

The rose herb is  rose is captivating and sultry, and induces the mind, body and spirit of love. In the early 1500’s rose peddles have been used in traditional ceremonies by symbolizing love and inspiration.

Tribulus Tonic

This plants roots and fruits are respectively known to help increase male vitality boost natural libido. The potent fruits are highly effective in protecting organ function.

Ylang-ylang Blend

Ylang Ylang  (eelang) in the Malayan language means “flower of the flowers”) has a sensual and warm aroma. This herbal blend is known to have intoxicating abilities to stimulate the liver and sex glands. This is a potent herb known to have relaxing and sedative properties.

Yohimbe Bark Blend

This is a tasteless, dry, and neutral blend. This is known to increase libido and helps boost your sexual stamina.

Caution: Seek professional licensed practitioner before use as may increase heart rate and blood pressure. Pregnant women should not use.


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