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DIY Loose Leaf Tea For Bath And Body

DIY Loose Leaf Tea For Bath And Body

Instead of drinking tea, use tea in a holistic way to promote a natural way of healing your body, sore muscles, and reducing inflammation. Do it yourself using loose leaf tea or herbals and soaking in a hot bath. Not only does it help you re-energize, it allows you to heighten your scenes. Enjoy this herbal sensation while you endure your favorite aromas!

Healthy Tip: Can use organic herbal powder tea or loose leaf tea blend.


1 cup loose leaf tea or herbal tea blend (can use chamomile, jasmine, green tea or your favorite blend)
1 cup Epsom salt (unaccented)
2-4 drops almond oil or jojoba oil (skin brightener)


  1. Put your loose leaf tea in to the water and fill your bath with hot water allowing relaxing aromas and herbs to steep!
  2. Soak for about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Starting a pattern once a week to help boost your energy levels and heal your body holistically.

Caution: Although chamomile tea is not recommended for those who are pregnant. It is also not recommended for people with ragweed or other strong plant allergies.

Healthy Living,

Jaclyn Rae


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