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Hulk power greens smoothie

Hulk Power Greens Smoothie

Hulk Power Greens Smoothie – You can easily supplement your protein intake with the use of Spirulina Powder. Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense super foods, also its one of the most dated life forms on the planet. Spirulina, a.k.a. blue green algae, thrives in freshwater environments such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. This naturally forming algae has a wide range of benefits it offers the body. Spirulinas benefits are, but not limited to: removing toxic metals from the body, having amazing cancer-fighting antioxidants, may reduce high cholesterol, may reduce allergies, and containing important minerals/vitamins that support the immune system. Within one tablespoon in its dried form, it yields 4 grams of protein. Fun fact to let you sit with… Did you know that spirulina made it to space? In the 1970s NASA found that spirulina was a pragmatic source of food that they could bring to space safely on missions. The spirulina was a perfect way to increase nutrients as the astronauts were able to take the spirulina in capsule form.

Healthy Tip: According to WebMD, research shows that consumption of spirulina may reduce pain, reduce inflammation in the body, and protect brain structure.

1 Ripe Banana
1 Cup Raw Spinach
2 Tablespoons Spirulina Powder
1 – 2 Cup Nut Milk (your favorite nut milk)

Toppings: Hemp Hearts, Chia Seeds, Grain-Free Granola, Dates, Coconut Flakes (optional)
Other fruits that pair well with spirulina are: bananas, pineapple, and mango

1. Remove banana peel and toss ripe banana into the blender.
2. Measure the remaining ingredients and add to blender.
3. Turn blender on low, and blend till smooth.
4. Add more nut milk in if you like a smoother consistency.
5. Transfer mixture from the blender into a cup, and add your favorite superfood toppings.
6. Enjoy right away. Voila!

Healthy Living,

Jaclyn Rae


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