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Going Plant-Based 101 & Common Stumbling Block’s People Are Facing

I love helping my clients with improving their health. Not only do I help guide them with a balanced diet with nutrition, but I also help them distinguish new eating habits, proper food combinations, or ways to improve their macronutrient intake. I ensure that they meet their goals, and introduce new ways for them to improve their lifestyle.

While you might think going plant-based is easy, there are a few stumbling blocks you want to stay clear of. I notice a few hindrances people are facing growing up on the standard American diet. While switching to eating healthier, people are facing difficulties with maintaining a healthy gut. It is the recipe for a perfect storm, and people who are trying to eat healthier end up consuming more: grains, legumes, or starchy foods, and this can lead to underlying health issues.

EXCEEDING YOUR CARBOHYDRATE THRESHOLD: Many people start to eat more grains when looking to replace meat in their diet, and our bodies just aren’t designed for heavy consumption of complex carbohydrates. Consuming an amount of 15-20 carbohydrates per meal are easily tolerated. 

GLUTEN-INDUCED INFLAMMATION IN THE BODY: Consuming inflammatory proteins such as “Gluten” results in digestive tract issues, bloating, IBS, damaged stomach lining, and stomach pain, and can lead to more serious issues down the road. Not to mention, the brain fog that it causes and the disruption of mood/emotions.

ANTINUTRIENTS: Overconsumption of grains, legumes, oats, and some whole foods containing compounds such as “lectins”, inhibit absorption. This can feed into the inflammation in the body and can leak into the gut which leads to more serious issues related to sensitivities, fatigue, stomach bloating, and skin issues.

IMPROPER FOOD COMBINING: Even when we think we are eating healthy by consuming a plant-based diet, the combination of foods that are on our plates can either improve or disrupt the digestive process. I can help you achieve big improvements in your digestive tract and nutrient absorption with my knowledge and skills.


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